The Cozy Company

The Cozy Company
Meet Kasey Kassuba.  In May 2022, Kasey and her husband Nick (and two kids) opened The Cozy Company, a small retail store in downtown Cadillac, MI.  She's also a Registered Nurse, mainly specializing in public and maternal health while Nick is an underwriter for a local insurance company. 

The Cozy Co. offers rustic furnishings and home décor, and clothing that reflects Michigan living. 

"We have dreamed of exploring entrepreneurship on some level & when a retail space in our downtown became available - we grabbed it up" with help in expertise and guidance from Kasey's parents, who own a movie theatre & rustic furniture store in a neighboring town. The Cozy Company jumped at a chance to occupy a long & narrow store front, with historically appropriate high ceilings and creaky, old, hardwood floors. 

Kasey and crew keep it close to their knitting by offering a wide range of items that reflect the value of living COZY.  They support small and local businesses and partner with retailers, like Lake Like Brand, that have giveback programs, share unique items that make a home and offering high quality at fair prices. 

We're thrilled to add Kasey and company to our growing list of mission driven retail partners committed to making a difference in the world.  You can find a selection of our products and much more at The Cozy Company located at 111 N. Mitchell Street, Suite A in downtown Cadillac, Michigan. 

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