Soggy dogs from all over

Soggy dogs from all over

Lake lovers all over have shared their lake pups with us and we pulled them together from your happy places! Check out these quick, fun videos from our friends on Keuka Lake, Lake Harding, and Great Sacandaga Lake.  There's even more puppy love from our pals at Lake Tahoe, Lake Anna, and from our Facebook community Life on the Lake. Here's some splashing out of Lake George, Dale Hollow Lake, Lake Winnipesaukee, Webster Lake.

If your soggy dog isn't included in these clips, mention @mylifeonthelake on Instagram or collaborate with us to make a special reel from your happy place. 

Don't forget to check out our original Soggy Dog® designs that appeal to the lake explorer and dog lover in each of us. Whether you're paddling with your pal, lunching in a hidden cove, or strolling around town - these fun designs will make a splash.

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