Virtual tours of the amazing outdoors

Virtual tours of the amazing outdoors

Whether you’re based at home, still going to work, taking care of loved ones, or going to school - it’s certainly changed in recent weeks. We know how overwhelming change can be and we’re trying to remember to:

  • Be kind to one another
  • Take time for ourselves
  • Enjoy the outdoors
We hope you can do the same.  Although you might not be able to escape to your favorite lakes and outdoor spots, there are ways to continue enjoying nature. 

If you can’t get outside, need something to do, a distraction from your work, or an activity for remote learning, we have (actually, Emma, one of our star interns has) compiled a handful of cool virtual tours available for your enjoyment and education.  

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation Online Tours has a list of over 20 parks and lakes! Additionally, Washington State Parks and Lakes, Minnesota State Parks, Chesapeake Conservancy, Grand Teton National Park, and Lake Charles offer some great scenic views! 

Google Arts and Culture has also provided very informative and kid-friendly tours of some amazing national parks. Have fun learning and exploring! 

Adventure doesn’t have to end inside.  If you get the chance to create those outdoor adventures, share them with us @mylifeonthelake too. 


Matthew & Rick (and Emma!)

Photo: The Jenny Lake Ranger Station offers information on climbing and backcountry trips.  NPS Photo/J. Bonney

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