Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

Earth Day is an important and special day at Lake Life Brand. It’s spring and here in the Northeast we are starting to anticipate warmer days and the first dive into the water. Earth Day and all that it symbolizes is part of our core values at Lake Life Brand. We believe strongly in giving back to preserve lakes and support lake education programs. As a Lake Life Brand customer, you are helping to support these values too - 20% of profits go to support local, regional, and national organizations.  

Earth Day 2020 comes during an unprecedented global event. The impact of quarantining differs widely from person to person and community to community. For some, isolation has been an opportunity to engage more closely with the natural spaces around them. For others, isolation has been just that… isolating. They are unable to travel to, access, or experience the natural spaces that are important to them.

Today, we are doing our best to reflect on some of the positives that have come from recent events. For example, it’s quieter out there with less traffic, fewer aircraft overhead, and less industrial noise.  The sounds of nature are a bit more noticeable and diverse.

Certainly, we have all experienced challenges during these difficult times. We hope that you have found some bright spots too. Time with family, more walks with the dog, a chance to get in a hike to a beautiful spot. On this Earth Day, we hope you can step outside, take a deep breath, and enjoy a quiet moment in nature.

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